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Model name Downloads Rev. Release Date Size
Manual OMP-DP_Manual_rev1.1.pdf Rev.1.1 2021.06.15 1.84 MB
Technical specification OMP-DP_Specification_V1.1.pdf Rev.1.1 2021.01.21 509 KB
Brochure OMP-DP_Brochure_v1.0.pdf Rev.1.0 2021.06.15 201 KB
Manual FTAD_FTAD2-Manual_rev.1.0.pdf Rev.1.0 2021.01.20 1.87 MB
Technical specification FTAD2_ Specification_REV1.1_.pdf Rev.1.1 2021.01.20 518 KB
Brochure FTAD2_Brochure(Eng).pdf Rev.1.0 2021.01.20 228 KB
OPHIT Product Catalog
Catalog OPHIT Catalog.pdf Rev.12 2020.04.20 2.38 MB
Manual FTAD_FTAD2-Manual_rev.1.0.pdf Rev.1.0 2021.01.20 1.87 MB
specification FTAD Specification__Rev1.1_.pdf Rev.1.1 2021.01.20 519 KB
brochure VyNET2_brochure_rev.1.0.pdf Rev.1.0 2020.02.25 206 KB
specification VyNET2 Specification_V1.1.pdf Rev.1.1 2020.02.25 284 KB
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GSA ΰ OPHIT's product line consists of Optical DVI Extender, Optical HDMI Extender, Optical SDI Extender, Multi Quad Viewer, Optical DisplayPort Extender, Multi Scaler Viewer, DVI HDMI Converter, Multi Video Processor, HDMI SDI Converter, DVI Matrix Switcher, multi-format video converter, Medical endoscopy video converter, etc., and is getting reputation in over 20 countries in the world.
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Optical DVI Extender | Optical HDMI Extender | Optical SDI Extender | Multi Quad Viewer | Optical DisplayPort Extender | Multi Scaler Viewer
DVI HDMI Converter | Multi Video Processor | HDMI SDI Converter | DVI Matrix Switcher | Multi-format video converter | Medical endoscopy video converter
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